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1:35th Scale Detail Sets (Military & Naval)

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MST35001 LRDG 30cwt Chevrolet Wheels
0.00 GBP

Designed to be used with Tamiya kits

MST35005 S-100 Schnellboot Oval Dinghy
9.99 GBP

Includes Resin and Photo Etched Parts

Designed to be used with Italeri kits

MST35006 S-100 Schnellboot Armoured 'Skull Cap' Bridge
17.99 GBP

Designed to be used with Italeri kits

Master 35003 Schnellboot Typ S-100 Schnellboot armament gun barrels
16.99 GBP

Flak M42 3.7cm ( x 1 piece) and Flak 38 20mm (x 3 pieces) Fit to Italeri Schnellboot typ S-100 Schnellboot model. The set includes turned brass/aluminum barrels with drilled and slotted flash hiders.

MST35009 S-100 Schnellboot Gun Shield
9.99 GBP

Designed to be used with Italeri kits

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